Industrial Process Analysis and Development

Industrial Process Analysis and Development

Industrial innovation requires the integration of emerging technology with comprehensive approaches to characterize the impact of process modifications, intensification, control strategies and new system designs. This technical track focuses on fundamental and applied research aimed at improving industrial processing systems. Topics include advanced process control, process intensification, process simulation, and process optimization, scaling and design.


Keynote Speakers:

Prospective Sessions:

1. Industry 4.0: automation, internet of things, artificial intelligence, product lifecycle, computer-integrated manufacturing, predictive manufacturing, digital fabrication, reliability and productivity, socio-economic factors
2. Process and Equipment Design: equipment scale-up and scale-down, pilot-scale systems, multiphase flows, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), mixing, particulate processes, discrete element modelling (DEM), industrial reactors, industrial separation processes, unit operations, transport phenomena
3. Process Intensification: innovative process technologies, energy efficient processes, process integration, miniaturization, modularization, hybrid processes, transport phenomena, modelling and simulation
4. Process Simulation and Optimization: simulation software, optimization algorithms, optimal design strategies, model development, data science, data analytics, planning and scheduling
5. Systems and Control: statistical process control, statistical methods, linear and non-linear systems, fault detection, real-time monitoring, on-line measurements, data analytics, predictive control